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Parliament on campus

The Shawnigan House of Commons

Grade 10 students got a taste of parliamentary process during another sitting of the Shawnigan House of Commons.
After school-wide voting in January, the Grade 10 class headed into Friday's mock parliament with a minority Liberal government, led by Prime Minister Ava S.
Students had been planning for the exercise for weeks, preparing position papers and learning about the parliamentary process.  One student, Kathleen H., even went as far as calling real-life MP David MacKenzie (Oxford, Ontario) to get his views on military spending.
After two readings of their bill, the House headed to committee sessions, where amendments were discussed by various stakeholders and representatives.
The House also faced controversy when a group of veterans broke into the legislative chamber (in the Hugh Wilkinson Theatre) to demand better support and representation.  Meanwhile, at least one Liberal MP crossed the floor after voting against his party.
Returning to the legislature, the House was ultimately able to pass Bill C-232 – "An act to establish a framework regarding the Canadian military."
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