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The spice of life

Human Geography class gets cooking
The Indian food night on Feb. 22 was a real a highlight of my year so far.

Our AP Human Geography class had just finished a unit on Culture, and this experience tied it all together. The Culture unit explored the migration of culture, while also addressing what makes a culture and what different cultures do to preserve their traditions.

With the guidance and help of a friend of Mr. Loiselle’s, Harpal Nandhra, we made basmati rice with curry chicken and topped it off with some vegetables, sprinkled with black salt and really tasty naan. Ms. Nandhra, who helped us make all of this delicious food, is first generation Canadian. Her parents both immigrated from India, so it was really interesting to see how some traditions can change depending on the cultural context.

We all guessed how much the groceries that were needed to make the meal cost, and it was lower than we all thought, which was also interesting to learn. Overall, this night was a really fun educational experience. 

—Submitted by Kalli K. (Grade 12 student)
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