Athletic Excellence

Winter Term Athletic Colours
Another term of excellence in sport concluded with Tuesday's presentation of Winter Term Athletic Colours.
In presenting the accolades, Director of Sport Tim Murdy reminded students that juniors need to be nominated in two different terms to earn a Colours pin.
Senior Sport Colour Recipients:
Boys Prep Ice Hockey
Ethan H.
Noah T.
Tyler L.
Grady B.
Chase M.
Ryan N.
Stewart P.
Isaac C.
Girls Prep Ice Hockey
Maryna M.
Georgia M.
Julianne N.
Marissa R.
Jennifer S.
Megan G.
Rhys B.
Justin M.
Colin W.
Flynn D.
Girls Basketball
Hazel B. (double Colours)
Ivy T. (double Colours)
Anna W. (double Colours)
Selam G.
Avery C.
Naomi S.
Boys Basketball
Scott L.
Bronson C.
Michael J.
Kyle M.
Gui S.
Ben C. (double Colours)
Julius M.
Hans K.
Thomas W. (double Colours)
Sergio P. 
Indoor Field Hockey
Barbara H. (double Colours)
Nyah M. (double Colours)
Junior Sport Colour Nominees:
Bantam Boys Ice Hockey
Nolan M. (Receives Colours)
Varsity Boys Ice Hockey
Gareth C.
Aaron T.
Corbin H.
Mat S.
Andrew B.
Rhys D.
Ethan A. 
Noah L.
Ethan R.
Nic W.
Riley B.
Aiden T.
Owen E.
Griffen B.
Prep Boys Ice Hockey
John L. (Receives Colours)
Will G. (Receives Colours)
Prep Girls Ice Hockey
Gracie M. (Receives Colours)
Zosia A. (Receives Colours)
Caesar Z.
Cade H. (Receives Colours)
Kathleen H. (Receives Colours)
Alan L. (Receives Colours)
Lucia B. (Receives Colours)
Girls Basketball
Lauryn L.
Bell P.
Samantha L. (Receives Colours)
Mikayla B. (Receives Colours)
Clara L. (Receives Colours)
Phoebe S. (Receives Colours)
Nicole L. (Receives Colours)
Boys Basketball
Dylan C.
Cameron C.
Paul H.
Isaac H.
Taiki K.
Brad L.
Will M.
Eric Q.
Josh R.
Indoor Field Hockey
Louisa K. (Receives Colours)
Brooke B. (Receives Colours)
Birkley A. (Receives Colours)
Nicole C. (Receives Colours)
Sophie M. (Receives Colours)
Katelyn M. (Receives Colours)
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