At Shawnigan, we are proud of our athletic tradition.

Our sportsplex is filled with championship banners and trophies and our alumni features a long list of athletes who have played for their countries.

However, we are much more proud of the spirit and passion of our athletes. Shawnigan teams are known for their respect and their work ethic. We know that high school sports are about the process, not the result, and that character is built throughout the season, not just in the championship game.

Shawnigan offers a wide range of competitive and non-competitive sports, meaning students can work towards university or professional sports, as well as developing lifelong skills and habits.

Most importantly, we believe deeply in the values gained through sport, and in the transfer of those values to academics, residential life, leadership and service.

Athletics office

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  • Tim Murdy 

    Director of Sport, Physical Education, Coach
  • Andria Conroy 

    Assistant House Director - Strathcona, Physical Education, Coach

Athletics News

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