A Christmas Carol

Classic gets Shawnigan remake
In an elaborate reimagining of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Past visited campus on Saturday night to lead small groups of students on a guided tour through Shawnigan’s past, brought to life in the School Museum by an enthusiastic group of staff.

The small six-person groups of House cohort students were taken on a spectacular tour of years gone by, with a host of historical characters on-hand to share their stories, ranging from founding headmaster C.W. Lonsdale himself to Tiny Tim the boarding student, a group of Mason’s Diner guests, an historical cricket coach and student-athlete, a School matron and even Scrooge (gamely played by Shawnigan CFO Nicola Oldfield).

From the Museum, the student groups then moved on in turn to the Growing Dome beside Lake Omar to enjoy a festive atmosphere and some music, and then onto Marion Hall for crafting, cookie decorating and a special fireside visit with Santa organized by Kathini Cameron.

Not only did this event bring a truly unique sense of festive fun to Shawnigan students, but it gave the School staff organizers and volunteers the satisfaction of seeing the students’ genuine enjoyment in a COVID-safe event that had required considerable vision and dedication to bring to life.

“Saturday night was a huge success!” shares English teacher Cari Bell, who was on hand in the Museum to read parts of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to passing students. “There was such value in resurrecting a classic story in an interactive way, and it was good to get all students through the Museum.”

Fellow English teacher David Chant, who played the role of a cricketer from Shawnigan’s past, echoed these sentiments: “It was absolutely brilliant. What our students need this term, more than in any other previous term, is bouts of great fun and happy memories they'll carry with them for a lifetime.”

Shawnigan Lake School is adhering to all COVID-19 guidelines released by the BC Ministries of Health and Education, including those regarding learning cohorts, physical distancing and mask-wearing when appropriate.
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