What inspires you? How can we help?

Shawnigan wants to provide you with the framework to create inspiring opportunities for yourself, your classmates, or your coworkers. Whether it is a personal project or a group endeavour, our aim is to facilitate your innovation with expertise, time and, if needed, funding.

Please contact innovation@shawnigan.ca to engage in conversation about what inspires you!
C.A.S.E. (Communications, Arts, Sciences & Entrepreneurship)
– supporting innovative projects that arm young people with the necessary tools they need to thrive in life, inside and outside the classroom.
Groves' House Innovator creates School map. Read More
A student from Ripley's has built a new server to create better service for the Stag Café. Read More


List of 5 news stories.

  • Shawnigan Innovation – Powered by CASE

    It would be an understatement to say that a tremendous amount of dedication and creativity has gone into delivering SOUL (Shawnigan Online Unique Learning) by all members of the Shawnigan staff in recent months. A spirit of innovation, collaboration, and hard work has allowed our School to pivot successfully in the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to deliver an educational experience valued by all.
  • SOUL Singing

    Chamber Choir pays tribute to grads
  • Stronger Together

    One big family across one big world
  • La Pâte à SOUL

    Delectable delights in French class
  • A Beaker full of SOUL

    Creative lab time in Chemistry 12
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