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List of 5 news stories.

  • Robotics World Championships

    Shawnigan’s first trip to the VEX Robotics World Championships since 2017 was an eye-opener — in more ways than one.
    A team of four students — Tye E., Aniela H., Kyan M. and Ben P. — travelled to the 2023 tournament in Dallas, Texas last month, along with three staff members. They were first blown away by the atmosphere at the enormous event, then amazed by the calibre of the competition.
    “It was definitely a world championship,” said Mr. Paul Doig, science teacher and Head of Digital Innovation and one of the staff members who made the trip. “The kids walked into the arena and were just in awe.”
  • A Spectacular Start to Robotics Season

    Shawnigan Robotics got the 2022-23 season off to a spectacular start last weekend as hosts and winners of the first tournament of the year.
    The School played host to 34 robotics teams from six organizations (five individual high schools, as well as a combined group representing the Comox Valley School District). The robots competed in a disc golf-type game called Spin Up, going through a total of 53 qualifying matches to rank the teams. The top 32 teams made the playoffs, then paired up and played through four rounds to determine the champions.
  • Livestreaming Enters a New Era

    A months-long renovation of the vestry room in Shawnigan’s Chapel has given the school chaplain a more comfortable space to prepare for services, improved the School’s livestreaming capabilities, and provided students with access to industry-standard technology.
    Audio-visual technician and communications associate Mr. Elliot Logan started work on the project last fall, with the aim of giving the space a modern look while bringing the livestreaming infrastructure in line with present-day specifications.
    After the space was renovated, Mr. Logan brought in a new counter and cupboards and a closet for Rev. Jim Holland. Couches, chairs and a table turned a corner of the space into a “green room” — a place where students can collect themselves before performing in front of their classmates.
  • Robotics Team Bound for Worlds

    Throughout the competitive robotics season, Grade 12 student Kyan M. has been wearing a hand-me-down hoodie from the 2017 VEX Robotics Championships, the last such tournament that Shawnigan attended.
    Now he can get a hoodie of his own.
    Kyan and his teammates — Tye E., Aniela H. and Ben P. — have qualified for the 2023 VEX Robotics World Championships by winning the Excellence Award at the Vancouver Island Robotics Championship hosted by Brentwood College School last weekend. This is the first time Shawnigan has qualified for Worlds since 2020, and the first time the School will attend the event since 2017, as the 2020 event was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Shawnigan Hosts the VEX Robotics Island Regional Championships

    The Shawnigan Robotics team finished up a great season at the VEX Robotics Island Regional Provincial Championships on Saturday, March 5, hosted here on the Shawnigan campus. Top robots from across the island gathered in the new gym and battled for four berths in the VEX Robotics World Championships, taking place in Texas this summer. The four berths were awarded to teams and their robots in the categories of Excellence and Design, with two spots also given to the Tournament Champions. Our teams fought hard and all made it to the quarter-finals, where they were eliminated in close matches. One Shawnigan team posted the fourth-highest score in the province for individual skills challenges and another team posted the sixth-highest provincial score for skills. This is a huge accomplishment as they have seen great progress year over year.
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