Duxbury Chapel

Duxbury provides A New Hope
Duxbury House offered a new twist on Shawnigan chapel services with a Star Wars-themed presentation, Saturday.

As he welcomed the congregation to the service, Head of House Declan P. said Duxbury chose the theme because, "It's something that almost everyone can relate to and understand."

The service opened and closed with brief Star Wars piano interludes played by Jackson G. Jackson also drew a standing ovation for his remarkable performance of Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C Sharp Minor.

At the lectern, each of Duxbury's five-year residents shared what they had learned over their tenures at the School, quoting characters from the series to make their points.

As he drew the service to a close, Headmaster David Robertson said the service contained, "A wonderful combination of reflection, of meaningful interpretation of what the School and the House are all about, with some lovely humour thrown in."

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